Why Won't my Wrist Strap Turn On?

Follow these troubleshooting steps to get your Myzone wrist strap back to tracking your effort seamlessly. This applies to MZ-Switch model only.

Troubleshooting Guide for the MZ-Switch Wrist Strap

If your heart rate reading drops, freezes, or shows "searching," it indicates the wrist sensor is struggling to keep an accurate reading and this guide if for you. If it won't connect to the app, start by ensuring your phone's Bluetooth is turned on and follow our app troubleshooting guidelines

1. Before You Begin

Confirm Device ID - Ensure your device ID is correctly entered in the app by selecting the battery icon in the top-right corner.

2. Check Your Battery Level
  • View your current battery level by selecting the battery icon AppBatteryIcon at the top of your app. You'll also receive a pop-up notification when the battery drops below 20%. Ensure notifications for Myzone are enabled.
  • When the sensor flashes orange when you press it on or off, this means your battery is at 30%. Snap it into its charging cable and plug in to a computer USB or 5v charging block to get fully charged up for next time and avoid data loss. If it flashes red then there is not enough battery to record your workout.
  • View our best practices for charging here: How Do I Charge my MZ-3 and MZ-Switch?
3. Make sure the strap you've chosen is appropriate for the type of activity you're performing
  • Wear the wristband for swimming and non-gripping activities with repetitive movements.
  • Wear the armband for a more accurate reading of non-gripping activities and repetitive movements. Don’t use the armband for swimming.
  • Wear the chest strap for the most accurate reading for all types of exercises, but not swimming.




4. Keep It Clean and Protected

  • Salt build-up can cause performance issues and shorten the life of sensor, after a workout using a non abrasive wipe or cleaning product, gently wipe any moisture away from the optical sensor. 
  • Between workouts, ensure nothing is rubbing up against the sensors that could scratch it or add residue to the sensor that could affect the light.