How Do I Charge my MZ-3 and MZ-Switch?

Charge your device when your battery is at 20% via a computer USB. Remove from the charger once the light changes from flashing red to green. Avoid charging too frequently.

To preserve battery health, please only charge when necessary

  1. When you receive the low battery notification at 20%, it is time to charge. Your MZ-Switch LED will flash orange at 30% and red at 20% upon activating. 
  2. Attach the USB cable provided in your device’s box to your module’s right side snap. 
  3. Plug USB cable into a computer USB port. Because voltages vary across continents, we recommend a computer USB port over a wall outlet. A standard 5V USB adaptor may be used for the MZ-Switch, but please be aware anything stronger may damage the device. 
  4. Charge until the indicator light goes from flashing red to green. This should take approximately 2 hours maximum. 


  • ALWAYS SEPARATE the module from the strap after each use and store in a cool, dark, and non-conductive place to prevent excess battery drain and accidental activations. 
  • NEW MZ-SWITCHES come in shipping mode and may appear unresponsive out of the box. Please press and hold the button for 5 seconds to activate for use and charge per instructions above. 


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