What causes gaps in a workout?

This can depend upon where you completed your workout, if you were streaming to the app and what kind of device you use. Read on fill in the gaps.

Did you train at a Myzone gym? 


If you have small or large gaps in your graph, it is likely that your facility's clock is set incorrectly on the in-club system. It could also be that one or more of their in-club consoles are offline and so not all the information is loading at once. Let a staff member know ASAP so they can correct the issue on-site, and try keeping your mobile app closed while at the gym to prevent discrepancies when possible. 


This means either your belt did not record your heart rate accurately or some of your workout was dropped due to a network error. Please see Missing Workout: Not Performed at a Myzone Gym

Android Users Only:

Step 1: Please check the Myzone App has unrestricted access to your phone's battery usage. This is found by going to your phone's General Settings (not Myzone app settings) > Apps > Myzone > Battery. Under the "Usage" section, make sure that "Unrestricted" is selected (not Optimized or Restricted).

Step 2: Open the Settings app and go to Battery and Device Care>Battery>Background usage limits


You will see three options:

  • Sleeping apps,
  • Deep sleeping apps and
  • Never sleeping apps

Tap on each option to see the apps listed. Myzone should not be listed under Sleeping or Deep sleeping apps.

Myzone needs to be on the Never sleeping app list to ensure a stable Bluetooth connection.

Find more examples of this and more information about preventing your apps from sleeping on the Samsung help page. you can visit here.  

These tips are for a Samsung phone for other models please refer to your manufactures help guides.