What is a Myzone Facility Code?

Your Myzone Facility Code links your profile to a club or community group. By connecting with your gym, you can participate in challenges, compete on the monthly leaderboard, and connect with other Movers at your gym.

I've changed gyms. Can I update this in the app?

No, but our support team can! Please submit a ticket via the chat option at the bottom of the page or help in your app menu. 


I've left my gym. Can I use Myzone independently?

No problem! Our Support team can move you to a regional facility code for independent users.


Can I register my Myzone account to two gyms?

No, you can only be linked with one gym at a time in order to join challenges and be included in the monthly leaderboard. That said, your Live Tile will always display at any Myzone-enabled gym whether you are registered there or not! 


Where do I find my facility code? 

When registering, you can search for your gym name. If you’re changing gyms, your new facility or Myzone Support can provide you with their code.

If you are using Myzone independently, please refer to our list of Regional Country Facility Codes.