MZ-Open Troubleshooting Steps

Start by ensuring your MZ-Open device is added to your account - you can check this in 'Menu > Your Devices', and that your subscription status is active - you can check this in 'Help > Support'.

Make sure your subscription is active and your device is synced

  1. Is your device synced?
    • Tap the device icon at the top of your screen. You should see your Apple/Android watch listed as a device. If you do not, tap 'Add a new device' and follow the prompts to sync your watch - you will need your watch on hand when adding the device. 
  2. Is your subscription active?
    • Tap the 'Menu', then click 'Help > Support'. It should say Subscription Status: True,  under the MZ-Open License section. If it does not, please speak with your gym to activate your subscription. 

Check Device Settings

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of the Myzone app on your phone and watch. To do this - go to your 'Updates' and check for new updates (make sure the Myzone app on your watch is closed when doing this). 
  2. Make sure your Bluetooth is on 
  3. Make sure you have the following permissions set to on:  
    • iOS  - Apple health 
      • In your phone settings, select Health>Data Access and Devices>Myzone>Turn All On

    • Android  - this varies per device. You will receive these prompts on your first workout using your watch sensor. You must allow them all to log your workouts.
      • Use precise or high accuracy location while using the app. 
      • Allow Myzone access to your physical activity.
      • Allow Myzone to access sensor data about your vital signs, while using the app. 
      • Allow Myzone to send you notifications (optional, but helps us diagnose problems if they arise.) 
      • To reset these for troubleshooting:
          • Open the apps menu and select Myzone
          • Select 'Clear data.' 
          • This will prompt the profile to resync and ask these questions again, which will be the best way to correct anything that was missed. 
4. Ensure your device is compatible Compatible devices found here.

Try these steps if you are still having trouble: 

  • Remove the watch from the list in your devices  in the Myzone app and re-add it 
  • Remove and reinstall the watch app 
  • Restart your watch
  • Try the combination of removing the watch from your list of devices in the Myzone app, removing and reinstalling the Myzone watch and phone app   
  • Contact our support team via the app by tapping 'Menu > Help > Support', if none of the above steps help