What do I need to get started with MZ-Open?

A Myzone account is needed to access MZ-Open as well as the phone and watch app. See your gym to activate your 1-year subscription. Read on for device specifications.



All Android watches must run on Android wear 2.0 and higher. Due to the open nature of Android, it is not possible to test all devices, but we do our best to test the most popular ones. We have validated the following models: 

  • Samsung model 4 and higher running Wear OS 3.0 or later
  • Google Pixel Watch running Wear OS 3.0 or later


Android phones need to run on Android 6.0 or later 



All Apple watches 2 and higher will work for MZ-Open. They should run Watch OS 5.0 or later. 


iPhones need to run on iOS 15.0 or later. 

Check your sharing permissions

iOS Apple Health

In your phone settings, select Health>Data Access and Devices>Myzone>Turn All On.


This varies per device. You will receive these prompts on your first workout using your watch sensor. You must allow them all to log your workouts.

  • Use precise or high accuracy location while using the app. 
  • Allow Myzone access to your physical activity.
  • Allow Myozne to access sensor data about your vital signs, while using the app. 
  • Allow Myzone to send you notifications (optional, but helps us diagnose problems if they arise.) 

Create an account

Download the app from the Google Play or Apple store to set up your account--you will need this prior to purchase. 

Activate MZ-Open

You must be a member of a gym who has activated Open to unlock the ability to purchase it. Inquire with your gym staff to get started today!