How to manage your Myzone emails

You can manage your emails from the Settings section of the Myzone app. Not receiving emails? Check your spam folder (and then make sure to change preferences!). You can also add a secondary email in the App under Menu>My Profile.

What are the types of emails we send? 

  • Move Emails: Summary of workout details after you successfully upload a workout. 
  • Congratulations Emails: Achievement of the recommended guidelines for physical activity for the week based on WHO. These guidelines recommend a person performs 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week. In Myzone terms, this equates to 300 MEPs per week and 1300 MEPs per month. For more information on this, visit Myzone Status Ranking Explained
  • Max HR Changed Emails: When a change in your Max Heart Rate (MHR) has occurred.
  • Move Comments Emails: When other connections have made comments on your workouts. 
  • Challenge Comments Emails: When comments are made in a challenge you are participating. 

Where can I adjust my email preferences? 

Mobile App 

From your menu, choose Settings and select Email Settings. 


Toggle on the emails you wish to receive. 



Desktop Website

Log into your Myzone account at Click the profile icon in the upper right corner of your screen 

Scroll down to Email Preferences and select the emails you wish to receive.