How Myzone Status Works

Myzone Status is a ranking system that rewards consistent effort. Read on to learn how to move up (and down) in the levels.

  • What is Myzone Status? Myzone Status is a ranking system that rewards consistent effort. The goal is to earn 1,300 Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) every month, which aligns with the World Health Organization's exercise recommendations.


  • The Journey to Hall of Fame (Years 0 - 4): Think of your Myzone Status like your fitness birthday. You start at 0 and have until the end of the month to earn 1,300 MEPs. Each consecutive month you hit the target, your status increases by +1.


  • What if You Don't Earn 1,300 MEPs? Missing the monthly target means a status drop. In the first month you miss, your rank will drop to the beginning of your current level. If you miss consecutive months, you will be demoted to a lower level. However, if you're promoted to a new rank and don't achieve 1,300 MEPs in the first month, you'll immediately drop to the previous level.

  • Moving Up and Down Between Statuses: Let's say you start at Iron, move up to Bronze, and then drop back to Iron due to missed MEPs. To regain a dropped status, you'll need to earn 1,300 MEPs in the following month.


Hall of Fame and Beyond (Years 4 - 14): Once you reach the Hall of Fame, you've made it! You can never drop below that status. But the journey doesn't end there. Additional status levels have been added for the next decade, offering even more rewards and motivation.


  • Tracking Your Status: You can easily track your status in the Myzone app. Look for it at the top left of your Home feed and in your Me tab. To see how close you are to leveling up, access the sidebar menu and select My Profile.