How do I Wear my Myzone Belt?

For all monitors used on the chest strap, moisten the black sensors on the back, then fit the strap around your chest just beneath your sternum so that it is comforably snug. The module should be in the center, or left-of-center.

This guide is for the MZ-1, MZ-3, and the MZ-Switch on the chest strap only. To learn the best placement and activities for the wrist and arm strap on the MZ-Switch, check out Which Strap Should I Use for my MZ-Switch?

  • Before you put your Myzone belt on, moisten the black sensor pads on the inside of the red strap. This speeds up activation and eliminates static. 


  • Snap the black module onto the red strap.
  • Un-hook the strap and place the belt around your body then hook it together. 
  • Be sure the black sensor pads have direct skin contact.
  • Position the belt so the module is just beneath your sternum.  Some people also find better connection with the module placed left-of-center. 
  • Tighten the red strap so that it fits comfortably snug.  

Tip: we recommend unsnapping the module from the strap between workouts to preserve battery health and prevent phantom workouts. 

If you are having trouble activating your belt, check out our articles on Belt Troubleshooting