How do I start and stop a workout in MZ-Open?

On your Apple or Android watch, ensure you have the Myzone app downloaded and that you have synced your watch to your phone. Open the Myzone app on your watch, select your activity and off you go. Swipe left when you're ready to stop.

Before you begin: 

  1. Download the Myzone app to your phone and watch.
  2. Sync your watch: open the Myzone app on your phone. Go to 'Menu > Devices > Add new device'. Choose your smart watch. Follow the on-screen steps.

Start your workout: 

  1. Open Myzone on your watch
  2. When prompted choose to use your 'Watch' to read your heart rate, not your Myzone device 
  3. Select your physical activity
  4. The watch will countdown and then your live tile will display 

At the gym: 

If you would like to display on your gym's Myzone display, check out this article

Stop your Workout: 

  1. Swipe left on your watch face
  2. Tap "OK" on the end workout screen.
  3. Open the Myzone phone app to view your workout summary. 

Don't forget to stop your workout! You will continue to record until you do, which will likely run down your battery with little MEP value.