What are the differences between the MZ-1, MZ-3 and MZ-Switch

The MZ-Switch is interchangable between the wrist, arm and cheststrap. The MZ-3 and 1 come with a chest strap only. The MZ-3 stores workouts and has a rechargeable battery. Read on for more specifics!



Swimming Monday and Crossfit Tuesday? The MZ-Switch rewards it all. The most versatile wearable around, the Switch accurately tracks your effort from the wrist, forearm, or chest while maintaining Myzone’s foundation features from the MZ-1 and MZ-3.



No phone? No problem. Use the MZ-3 if storing your data is important. The MZ-3 has
approximately 16 hours worth of storage capacity, a rechargeable battery, and an audio beep
to let you know when it has activated or deactivated. 



Designed with the class-goer in mind, the MZ-1 is ideal for boutique or functional-style settings. Stream your workout live to the app or gym, connect, challenge, and motivate with MEPs!