What are Myzone Zone Match Workouts?

Zone match workouts turn exercise into a game. You score is determined by how closely you match the colors as they change throughout the workout.


  • Put your Myzone device on and activate it--we always recommend going to My Tile to be sure your heart rate displays before starting a Zone Match workout.
  • Tap the Menu icon on the navigation bar and select Activities>Zone Match
  • Select the duration of your workout at the bottom of the screen and choose from more than 20 different challenges.
  • The goal is to match the zones as they change throughout the workout. The closer you are to sticking to the workout structure, the higher your Zone Match score will be.
  • The workout will display on your Home feed, where your connections can follow your progress.


Q: What does a Zone Match class look like in the app?

Once you have begun a workout, you will see your live tile, current target zone, upcoming target zone, zone match score, current workout graph, class time remaining, and a class overview. 

Q: Do I have to wear my belt to complete a Zone Match class?

Yes, in order to get a Zone Match completion score, you will need to wear your Myzone belt to participate. 

Q: Which Myzone device works for Zone Match workouts?

All Myzone devices work with Zone Match - MZ-1, MZ-3, MZ-Switch. 

Q: What pieces of equipment should I use to complete a Zone Match class?

We find that any piece of cardio equipment where you can most easily control your heart rate works best. Popular machines include ellipticals, spin bikes, treadmills and rowers but doing what you like best is usually what works best!

Q: Will I get a Zone Match score if I don’t finish the class?

If you do not finish the class, your overall score will not be recorded.

Q: Can I compete with other people?

This feature is not currently available in the Myzone app.

Q: Can I create my own Zone Match class?

No, creating your own Zone Match class is not available at the moment.

Q: Can I turn off voice alerts?

Yes, on the menu in the upper right corner of your app, select Settings>Sound Settings>zone Match Voice Alerts and slide the button to the off position. 

Q: Can I run a zone match class on my smartwatch?

No, Zone Match classes are only available on the Myzone Smartphone app. Zone Match is not currently available on Apple or Android watches.

Q: What is the Green and Red graph that shows on the Zone Match summary at the end?

Green segments represent the time that you matched the target zone. Red sections indicate you were outside the specified zone.