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How do I use Myzone with my Apple Watch?

You can track your workout live on the Apple Watch using your Myzone device or MZ-Open.  Follow these instructions to sync with your Apple Watch and record those efforts to your account. 

How to sync with an Apple Watch

Step 1: Download the Myzone app on your iPhone and Apple Watch. 


Step 2: Put your device on and be sure it has activated. If you use an MZ-Switch on your wrist or arm press the pulse button. Any chest device, wet the black sensors on the back of the red chest strap and fasten so that it is comfortably snug around your lower chest.


Step 3: Launch the Myzone app on your iPhone and tap My Tile on the navigation bar. You should see your live workout tile.

Step 4: Open the Myzone app on your Apple Watch. 


Step 5: Follow the on-screen prompt to synchronize your profile with the phone. on your Apple Watch. Once synchronized you will be taken to the home screen.


#Step 6: To start a workout select the either Myzone device, to connect with an MZ-1 MZ-3 or MZ-Switch or Watch if you have an MZ-Open subscription.


Step 7: Apple Watch will show it is connecting to your belt. Once connected, you will see your live tile.

You only need to follow these steps once. The only times you would need to repeat these steps are when: 

  • Apple Watch updates its firmware or your iPhone updates its iOS.
  • You get a new Myzone belt. 

To troubleshoot, uninstall the watch app and re-install which will allow you to start the synchronization process again. 

How To Upload Workouts from Apple Watch

Note: You must continue wearing the Myzone device to upload your workout.

After you have completed your workout, remove your Myzone device or if you are using the inbuilt watch sensor with Myzone open, swipe right to left and select stop workout.

 Your watch will automatically upload via your phone if you are connected. When not in range of your phone a message will be displayed to confirm there are sample stored. To upload simply open your Myzone phone app and refresh the home feed, your workout will be shown shortly.