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How do I use Myzone with Zwift?

With your Myzone belt activated, launch Zwift and click Search under Heart Rate on the Home screen. Select your Myzone device from the list of monitors and press 'OK.'


Step 1: Launch Zwift with your Myzone device activated

Step 2: On the Zwift home screen, click 'Search' under Heart Rate.



Step 3: Select your Myzone belt in the list of HR monitors and press 'OK.'

TIP: If you do not see your Myzone, close the Myzone app on your phone. Since the belt can only speak to 1 Bluetooth device at a time, you will want to make sure it is not streaming to your phone in order to display in Zwift. (MZ-3 only; the MZ-Switch has dual channel Bluetooth)



Step 4: Your heart rate will display in Zwift during your session. 



NOTE: Since the MZ-3 and MZ1 can only speak to 1 Bluetooth device at a time. If you use an MZ-3 must upload your workout to the Myzone app at the end of your Zwift session. If you have a MZ1, we do not recommend pairing to Zwift to ensure you get all of your MEPs.