How do I edit, remove or add a device ID to my Myzone account?

Easily edit and remove device ID's from the Myzone app by clicking the belt icon in the upper right corner.

Change your ID from the top of the app home feed: 

1. Click the AppBatteryIcon icon on the top banner

2. Select Change device 


3. Then, enter your new 7-digit device ID# (printed on the back of your module) and select Register.


Add or Remove from the menu:

1. Select the three lines on the bottom menu bar to open your main menu 

2. Choose Devices



3. If you need to change to a new device ID, Select Add Myzone device. Once saved, the app will confirm the device has been successfully registered to your profile 



4. To remove, select Paired [your device type] from the options above and then Remove Device 


Things to note: 

  • Status: because your workout history and status are stored safely on your online profile, this means that you won't lose any of your previous workout history or status. 
  • Multiple devices: you can only have one Myzone device registered to your account but you can change your ID as frequently as needed. 
  • Already registered: if you purchased second-hand and your device is registered to the original owner, please contact them to remove the device from their profile or contact Support with a photo of the back of your module to confirm the ID.